Our purpose is to create meaningful social and economic change.

We do it by supporting organisations and change-makers like you to amplify your impact.

It’s On Purpose was founded by Sue Gold & Tammy Atkins. With over four decades of combined experience in the government, not-for-profit and commercial sectors, Sue & Tammy are here to provide well-rounded support from ideation through to strategy and implementation whether your focus is business, community or government.


Sue Gold

Sue is an experienced business consultant and mentor whose specialty is creating actionable, achievable plans and ensuring they’re seen to completion. She’s not afraid of difficult conversations and knows how to create a space for everyone to be heard so solutions can be found.

Sue often guides CEOs and not-for-profit teams to create strategic alliances to bid for tenders and new work. She works with political aspirants and executives to fine tune their vision and become better leaders, and she’s often a first call for people looking for business support, strategic advice about grants, or assistance engaging with government and stakeholders.


Tammy Atkins

Tammy helps people build and grow their ideas. She turns possibilities into projects by engaging people in strategic conversations, makes the complex tangible, and then brings their vision to life in a grant, tender or business case.

Tammy’s special sauce is her ability to see the bigger picture and fit projects into a strategic or regional context and she is often able to help clients align their work to local, state and federal policy ideals. She is a community campaigner, and along with experience mobilising support, she brings extensive networks, communication and social media expertise, economic and community development skills.


And despite being nurturing, respectful and approachable, they’re not scared of having the difficult conversations and being honest about some of the challenges that you as an individual or your organisation needs to address. They really are a one stop shop in terms of your professional, strategic, governance and team building work. You want Sue & Tammy in your corner!


We care. Not just about our work but about every single person we work with. This means respect, inclusivity and creating safe space for everyone to be heard is our bare minimum. It means that if we say we’re going to do something, we do it to the best of our ability and on time. And it means we’re always looking for ways to learn, grow and improve – so we welcome feedback and open conversations, even if they’re uncomfortable.


The work we do isn’t just about the brief – it’s about helping better your organisation as a whole. This means pouring ourselves into every project – from doing deep research that makes us subject matter experts, immersing ourselves in your organisation so we fully understand you and your vision, to agonising over every detail we put into our materials. Our aim is to create work that stands the test of time, helping you today and in the future.


It doesn’t matter the size of the project or how long we’re involved in it. We consider ourselves to be a part of your team and are as invested in your future as you are. That means we’re not just here to follow instructions. We’ll bring ideas, new perspectives and tough questions. And we’ll act in your best interest, always. Even if it means having difficult conversations or recommending you pass on an opportunity in order to make space for a better one.

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