Grants for Victorian for social enterprises

Starting a social enterprise can be a huge leap of faith. You have to believe in your idea and dare to share it with the world. You need to be prepared to work hard and often that’s slogging away after-hours and on weekends while you rely on your ‘normal’ nine to five job until your #socent kicks off.

How’s it any different from starting a small business? It’s not really. It’s your intent that’s different. A social enterprise isn’t a charity. It is a profit-generating business that exists not just to make money but also to make a social impact.

Do you need help to grow your social enterprise? If you’re keen to take advantage of new opportunities or substantially improve what you are doing to make a profit and create meaningful social benefit, we can help.

If you’re based in Victoria, you might be eligible for up to $25,000 of our support through the Social Enterprise Capability Voucher Stream.

Through this program, we can help you to:

  • implement new business systems and processes that increase productivity
  • identify new market opportunities and develop workable plans to access those markets
  • increase financial readiness, to identify and manage investment and funding opportunities
  • increase contract readiness, to access government and corporate procurement opportunities.

Round 2 of Boost Your Business Social Enterprise Voucher Stream will open Monday 4 June 2018 and closes mid-July.

Interested? Contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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