If you’re on a mission to create change that leads to a better community (or world!) we want to be in your corner.

We don’t want a lack of time and specialist resources to get in the way of you bringing your vision to life. Let our skills, experience and passion become your organisation’s superpower.

We’re not just here to help you in the short-term. We want the work we do to stand the test of time, positioning you for success and opening up opportunities beyond what you’d even thought possible. So everything we do is tailored to your needs and designed to create the biggest impact while making the best use of your resources. Here are some examples of what that may look like.

Strategic Writing

We’re not just here to put words to paper. We aim to challenge you, uncover opportunities and bring our own ideas, research and experience to the table to get you the best results. What makes us different is we don’t just write words – we pair strategic thinking with compelling arguments and wrap it up in an engaging narrative.

Whether you’re needing:

Or any other strategic document that will act as a catalyst for change.

Strategic writing projects begin at $6,000. Reach out for a chat if you’d like to request a custom quote.

Issues-based Strategic Planning + Facilitation

If you’re preparing for change within your business or working with a community, we’re here to help you identify mutual goals, plan for potential obstacles, create a clear vision, then plan an achievable way forward that isn’t just about short-term outcomes but sets you up for the future.

When you’re bringing a community together or guiding multiple stakeholders and competing agendas, our facilitation skills and action learning approach will be of benefit. No conversation is too difficult and no voice will go unheard.

Big picture, we can assist with:

And we’re available to facilitate:

Or anything else that requires thoughtful consideration and research, purposeful conversations, and the ability to see all perspectives and opportunities.

Effective Engagement

Proposing change isn’t always easy (or fast). No matter what you’re trying to create, shift or achieve, we’ll help you navigate the inevitable challenges by providing perspective, experience, understanding and patience.

With a combination of purposeful conversations and strategic writing, we’ll ensure you’re engaging effectively with your stakeholders or community, having the right conversations, and building relationships so your issues or ideas are heard and taken seriously.

We love working with people who want to effect change, assisting them to:

If what you need isn’t included on this list, don’t worry. We’re flexible and open to (almost!) anything.

If you’d like some additional guidance around what to expect, or how we might help you, get in touch.

Programs + Workshops

When you’re working with a small team and limited resources, it’s crucial everyone is able to contribute to the best of their ability. Whether you’re looking to upskill your team or prepare for something particular like a pitch or media opportunity, we can provide training to help you reach those goals.

Workshops can be customised to your specific needs or you may want to choose from some of our most popular workshop topics such as…

A two-hour workshop begins at $1,000. Reach out for a chat to request a quote.

Mentorship + Coaching

Sometimes the best course of action is getting individualised support to help you with your next undertaking.

Maybe you’re starting your first business or transitioning to a new market. Perhaps you’re wanting confidential one-to-one guidance to overcome tricky challenges in your workplace or the organisation you’re leading. Or it may be that you simply want the opportunity to acquire and apply new skills, processes and ways of thinking to your life and career so you can reach your full potential.

Whatever you need to bring your own personal vision to life, we’d love the opportunity to work with you and tailor a plan to help you get there.

Pricing starts at $300 per session and is usually purchased as a set of six online sessions to ensure our support is as impactful as possible. Enquire now.

Transition Village Wallan has been working with It’s On Purpose to build the governance of the charity and to prepare the organisation for the changes it will face in the future. Sue has always been understanding and gentle and positive in her approach to problem solving, Tammy provides the most amazing backup and has the skills to reduce the most complex seeming idea to a simple logical document. As an organisation, we’ve benefited from their guidance as they have worked to thoroughly understand the complexity of the project and translate that into easy to manage actions. Their support is always to the point without being intrusive.

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