Start by generating grassroots support

Don’t just land in Canberra and expect to knock on a parliamentarian’s door. There’s plenty of groundwork you need to do first.

It’s a parliamentarian’s job to act on the issues affecting their electorate, so before you get to Canberra you should start generating community backing for your idea or issue. The more grassroots support you can generate, the more likely parliamentarians will listen to what it is you have to say.

Get early momentum and increase the visibility and urgency of your idea or issue. Leverage the power of community through social media, by writing a letter to the editor or through phoning-in to talkback radio. Get local influencers onboard – your Mayor, Chamber of Commerce, et cetera. Write or sign a petition, and look for a relevant parliamentary committee you can make a submission to.

Let your local media know about your idea or issue too. You’ll find a list of media contacts on the Our Community site

This groundwork amplifies your message. It means that when you reach out to a parliamentarian they’ll have more likely heard of you, or of your cause. They’ll know its an important matter that affects people in their electorate.

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