And despite being nurturing, respectful and approachable, they’re not scared of having the difficult conversations and being honest about some of the challenges that you as an individual or your organisation needs to address. 

They really are a one stop shop  in terms of your professional, strategic, governance and team building work. You want Sue & Tammy in your corner! 


Transition Village Wallan has been working with It’s On Purpose to build the governance of the charity and to prepare the organisation for the changes it will face in the future. 

As an organisation, we’ve benefited from their guidance as they have worked to thoroughly understand the complexity of the project and translate that into easy to manage actions. Their support is always to the point without being intrusive. 

I would strongly recommend partnering with It’s On Purpose. 

IOP Testimonial Bubble - Lisa Linton
As well as being experts in their field, they’re all-rounders who can handle everything from strategic & business planning to grant writing and facilitation. 

Their work goes above and beyond what you’re paying for because the documents they write are robust and reusable – a precious gift to your organisation that you can use over and over again. 

They leave your organisation in a better place than how they found it and are genuinely lovely people who make everyone feel comfortable, seen, heard and valued.

We didn’t have the time to develop our capability statement in-house and engaged Tammy and Sue to work with us on this. They went to great effort to understand our business and while preparing our capability statement provided valuable business and tender advice. 

Their final result exceeded our expectations and I am more than happy to recommend It’s On Purpose to any business requiring their services. – Clyde Hawkins, Fitweld Engineering, Wangaratta

IOP Testimonial Bubble - Judy Clarke

Beginning in 2017, Sue and Tammy have supported and educated me, personally and as CEO, in all matters organisational. 

Together we have worked through my education as a new volunteer CEO, volunteer management, and forward thinking through the processes to bring Transition Village Wallan to life. Sue has always been understanding and gentle and positive in her approach to problem solving. Tammy provides the most amazing backup and has the skills to reduce the most complex seeming idea to a simple logical document. I would strongly recommend partnering with It’s On Purpose to achieve the desired outcomes for your organisation. I feel privileged to be working with them. 

IOP Testimonial Bubble - Jan Ryan
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