Tiny homes, big idea

We’d like to introduce you to Judy Clarke, a local looking to change her community.

Judy is the convener of Transition Village Wallan Inc. (TVW), a group of volunteers who are working to support local homeless people by building a village of tiny houses to provide safe, supported short-term accommodation for people who are experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.

Judy says, “I believe that a total community change, to a low carbon economy, is necessary to strengthen our communities so they can face climate change; and this village of tiny homes can become a model for that transition.”

Judy wants to address some of the problems facing vulnerable members of her community by providing housing and support for local homeless people. She aims to do this by designing a model for sustainable design and living to overcome rising housing costs and a high carbon dependency.

As well as providing basic shelter and safety, TVW will make opportunities available to residents for personal growth and will help them to re-engage with the community through job training, personal, financial and physical health assistance, and by demonstrating their presence and acceptance in, not outside of, her local community.

Judy is grabbing the opportunity Social Change 101 offers with both hands.

“Transition Village Wallan is a large complex project and, as convener, I need to learn the skills and to develop the networks which will lead to a successful outcome for the project. I’m confident that the Social Change 101 program’s going to be a great help in getting us started.”

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