Writing a grant? Here’s a few things to consider before you start.

Once you’ve found a funding source, don’t rush to put pen to paper. First, check your eligibility and the grant program timeline, and then consider whether it’s worth applying. Do you have sufficient time to submit a quality application?

Once you’ve made up your mind to apply – first things first: understand the deadlines and aim to have your application completed and ready to submit early. Ideally, this would be the day before applications close.

Make sure you’ve ticked the boxes for your own enterprise and/or partners. For example, if the funding application needs mayoral approval or CEO sign-off, make sure these people are aware of it before you begin filling in the application form. The last thing you want to do is to surprise your CEO, on the day before the application is due, by asking for sign-off on a project they’re unaware of.

When we write grants, we try to:

  1. Be clear, concise and persuasive. Use simple language to make your argument compelling.
  2. Avoid jargon. Use plain language and write in short sentences, so that everyone can read the document, including those with little background knowledge of your project.
  3. Be factual and to the point. Ensure all information is relevant – don’t waffle.
  4. Ensure the project is plausible and believable. Never exaggerate problems or benefits.
  5. Transparency is important; if it looks as if there is another motive, the application will lack credibility.
  6. Be frank about risks.
  7. Use statistics and verified data to add credibility to the proposal.
  8. Use a combination of paragraphs, bold font, bullet points and visuals.

There are often word limits for each answer to a question, so ensure you set aside enough time to prepare your application. It isn’t always easy to create a succinct and meaningful document.

If you need a hand with your application, keep us in mind. You can outsource your grant writing to our experts; or, if your timeline permits, rather than just delivering your project proposal – maximise the value of your consulting spend, by letting us teach you or your team, so that next time you can perform this work in-house. You’ll find further information about our grant writing services on our website.

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